What next

Whether you’ve just started looking for your new Mercy Place home, or you have already enjoyed a guided tour and you’re preparing to move, there are some key steps to consider.

Moving into an aged care home can be a challenging and emotional time for you and your loved ones. We’re here to help. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have, in person or over the phone. Wherever you are in the process, we can help you get organised.

We recommend booking two meetings at your new home: the first for a tour, and the second to confirm your decision and complete your application with the Resident Liaison Officer.

There are also some steps you can complete at any point — even before you’ve decided on your home — to make the process easier. This includes completing initial government forms and assessments to make sure you pay the correct costs and receive the right care from the moment you move in.

The following steps might be useful even if you don’t end up moving into aged care.

Get prepared

Complete these steps as soon as possible: regardless of whether you’re considering moving to a Mercy Place home in the future, or you have an immediate need for care. These steps are important throughout the process at various stages and some of them can be time consuming. Completing them early will make your move smooth and easy.

Assemble your documents:

These are some of the main documents and details you may need to find and keep on file, to make things easy throughout the process:

  • birth, marriage, divorce and citizenship certificates
  • bank and credit card information
  • passport
  • investment details, including any shares, funds and/or trusts
  • Centrelink and Medicare details
  • superannuation information
  • private health insurance information
  • life insurance information and any other relevant insurance information
  • house title(s); lease documents
  • mortgage and loan details (e.g. for house, care, etc)
  • receipts and appraisals for any valuables in your possession, including jewellery or valuable artworks
  • tax information
  • your will
  • substitute decision making documents e.g. power of Attorney, enduring guardian
  • funeral information, including any plans made, or wishes that are not included in your will
  • names and contact details for your lawyer, financial planner, tax advisor, broker and anyone else with knowledge of — or control over — wills and finances
  • a list of all user names and passwords for important services you perform online.

Create your My Aged Care record

Every person seeking a Commonwealth subsidised aged care service needs to have a client record. The client record is created and kept on the Australian Government’s My Aged Care website. Your record ensures your information is consistent and available to service providers, and means you won’t have to repeat or locate it multiple times.

To create your client record, you can phone the My Aged Care contact centre, create your record online, or contact us to help set one up on your behalf.

Confirm your eligibility via Aged Care Assessment

If you are considering moving into a Mercy Place home, you will require an Aged Care Assessment to determine your eligibility for care.

How long you have to wait for the outcome of an aged care assessment can vary depending on your needs, so it’s important to organise one as soon as possible:

  1. If your situation is deemed urgent because you are deemed high risk or in crisis, an assessment can be completed in 48 hours.
  2. If you are not at immediate risk, but your needs are deemed moderate, the assessment could take between three and 14 days.
  3. If you are still managing independently and your needs are deemed manageable, you may have to wait longer than 14 days for your assessment.

You need an aged care assessment to apply to any aged care home, and for many aged care services.

The assessment can be performed by a doctor, nurse or social worker of your choice who is a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) in Victoria. Your local GP can help you arrange this assessment.

The ACAT or ACAS will give you a National Screening Assessment Form (or NSAF). The NSAF, previously known as an Aged Care Client Record (ACCR), outlines your care requirements and confirms your eligibility for aged care services.

Confirm the details of your finances

Once you have a sense of your payment options, which Mercy Place home appeals to you and the specific room you’d like, you’ll have a better idea of the costs you may pay.

Complete an income and assets assessment form

The Department of Human Services uses an income and assets assessment to determine:

  • if you are eligible for the Government to pay for some of your care and accommodation costs
  • how much and what costs you need to pay.

Once you understand how much and what costs you may pay, it’s best to talk to an independent financial adviser specialising in aged care, to help you complete the income and assets assessment.

It can take between four and six weeks to get the results of an income and assets assessment, so we recommend you start the process as soon you have your documents assembled.

Read and download the assessment form here

If you do not complete the income and assets assessment form, you will not receive any government subsidy towards the cost of your aged care and you will be asked to pay the full costs yourself.

Choose your room

You will find specific room information and accommodation costs in the Your accommodation options brochure under the ‘Accommodation’ section of your chosen Mercy Place home web page. Once you have selected your room, you will be better placed to discuss the specific costs involved with your accommodation.

You can learn more about your payment options and the costs associated with your accommodation here: Understanding the costs. Alternatively, you can always call the Mercy Place home of your choice for assistance.

Apply for your chosen home

Once you have completed your Aged Care Assessment and your combined income and assets assessment, you’re ready to apply for your chosen home. Arrange a meeting to discuss availability and payment options with your local Mercy Place home representative. If there is a waiting list and you need a room immediately, we can suggest an alternative Mercy Place home.

Your local representative will guide you through the application process.

Download and read the application form.

At some stage throughout the process of applying for your new Mercy Place home, you may be asked to provide documents. The documents will vary depending on your stage in the process. If you have everything outlined in step one, you should have everything you need.

If you need help at any time, feel free to call your chosen Mercy Place home, or contact us.

You can download a brochure that explains the process of moving into aged care here.

Last reviewed November 7, 2019.